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Hi, Johnny here

So as you may be aware this is the place where I’m uploading all my current and past stuff.

I’m currently making videos over on YouTube and to be honest, the views are doing OK, but I’ve had a few people asking if they could give me a tip for the work I put into the videos.

I’m just edging on 1000 subscribers, which is currently teetering on 988 as I write this, but once I’ve gotten over that hump I will be eligible to join the partnership programme. Another way is via an external crowdfunded which have signed up for.

If you’d like to do a tip, you can find my page on KoFi – visit

Leaving me a tip will

  1. keep me hydrated, fed and comfortable during long edits – the last video took me in total 5 days (8/10 hours daily) to write script (I have dyslexia) compile clips, record my voice and edit (I can be easily distracted or hyper-focused on any given moment and have issues with dissociation)
  2. Help me with improving my equipment – my computer is around 10 years old (still running really well though) with editing software from 2010 (Adobe Premiere Pro CS5) Pro Tools 11 (from 2012 i think) and generally my equipment could do with an upgrade.
  3. Keep the kids and partner warm in winter and cold in summer and help pay the bills
  4. Help me with new projects that I’d like to work on

I’m hoping next week I’ll be releasing Episode 5 in the Television Affair. I’ve done some, but I’m looking at planning out future videos and how I can make that work. I’ll keep you posted!

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