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Hi there! I’m Johnny Robinson, podcaster, radio presenter, comedy writer and a bunch of other stuff that I really can’t be bothered to write down. If you’d like a detailed look at my CV and experience you can find that here or you can have a read below.

arrowI enjoy comedy and superhero dramas such as The Flash, Arrow but my favourite films are the Marvel films set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Iron Man mainly. I really enjoy dramas especially if they have an element of comedy including People just do nothing and This country. I also like to look back at retro television, such as the ITV franchises and old TV adverts. This inspires some of my comedy

A lot of my comedy inspiration stems as far back as Monty Python, the Goodies, Faulty Towers, The Day Today, Brass Eye, but mainly being interested in radio presenting, the best crossover TV/Radio inspiration has always been Kenny Everett. I enjoy the amount of creativity and work he used to put into his work.

Sound Gorillas Team, Johnny and Jelmer

This is me with friend and colleague Jelmer Lelieveld. We went to university together where we met our friend Robin Smith and presented a bunch of crazy but well thought out radio shows . We all graduated with BA Honors degrees in 2014. At University Jelmer and I won an award for our Superhero Drama Code Red which we released on Audioboom through our website ‘Sound Gorillas’.

INRS with Fred

We also met our good friend Fred Hart at university. We all seemed to end up working on tasks with each other which actually was really fun because although he doesn’t seem like it at first glance, but he is a really funny guy and just an ace person to know. This is us acting cool after a radio show we produced for our course. Yes… we are wearing women’s clothes, but I actually think i look not bad considering.

My other good friend is Rich We met at Swindon FM in 2003. Since then we founded a community radio station, wrote a superhero drama and got drunk numerous times. Although I live in Manchester now, I still consider him as one of my best mates.

Family selfie

I have two Children, Onyx and Finn and we live together with Finn’s mum and my lovely partner Aphre, who I am engaged to. Onyx will be 14 this year (At the time of writing) and Finn is Seven. Aphre makes me laugh, is amazing at puns and we play silly games together like quoting song lyrics, watching old adverts, eating ice cream and can generally be stupid around each other without being judged. We can’t be affectionate though because the kids start to groan. We went on a day trip to Birmingham recently, and us parents accused the kids of being the boring ones because they wanted to flail in the hotel, and we wanted to have some fun! This picture is an oldie, but a goodie.

I LOVE radio. The undustry in the UK is changing at the moment so getting a job in it has been REALLY hard, so I am streaming and doing my own thing. previously, I’ve been the head of music and lead imaging producer at my student radio station Tone Radio and it’s associated stations which means I put all the music on the computer, made sure it played out properly and made all the jingles for the station. We also presented on the festival stations Wychwood FM at the Wychwood Festival and Trees FM at the 2000 Trees Festival. Since then I have worked for various commercial and community radio stations, including Scotland’s Edge Radio and Stockport’s Your FM.


In 2014 I was nominated at the Student Radio awards for best chart show which I presented with my friend and coursemate Zoe. We also got good feedback for the Code Red Radio Drama, The Prick Up Your Ears Radio Show and our panel show It’s Not Rocket Science. Here’s the Tone team us at the awards.

Before that I went to Wiltshire college where I studied Media production in TV and Film, so I also know how to make videos too (as you can see from the videos section above).


Previous to college I was a presenter, producer and everything you can think of at community station Swindon 105.5, and commercial station Swindon FM (They are different by the way, just not very creative with names I guess). One of my roles was head of music and I presented a Saturday night show there. In between all of that I did some backstage work at Brunel FM, work experience at Original 106.5 and a few other places.


At Swindon 105.5 I presented a Saturday evening show with my friend Rich, and we were joined by different people sometimes. The first to join us was our producer and friend Jonathan Mills. He went off sick for a little so studio Matt and Dan Rogers covered for him, and Dan stayed when he came back. Johnny covered for Jakki J on the Wednesdays and became one of their team. Rich, Mills, Studio Matt and Dan took a small break and Jakki came in with presenter James Espley… but that was all AAAGGGGGEESSS ago.

Recently I have been streaming on Twitch, mainly playing minecraft.

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