Presenter Demo 2017

Comedy Demo 2017

Production Demo September 2016

Here’s my latest production demo – It’s kind of a mixture of my last production demo and my comedy production demo to liven it up. Please note that this demo includes some adult humor including the jingles for Fact Cock which I would like to point out is actually about a cockerel that crows every time we say a fact, but are fully aware that it sounds dodgy… that’s the point.

Production Demo June 2016

Here’s my previous demo, which is pretty much my latest one without the comedy bits and just basically the commercial elements.

Radio Comedy Demo 2016

Check out some of my funnier features that I’ve produced audio for, including some adult humor from the Prick Up Your Ears Podcast – and yes I’m aware it sounds dodgy, that’s the point.

Presentation demo 2015

My latest presentation demo from various stations I’ve been involved with.

Creative Demo 2015

Extended Imaging Demo

Content and Production demo 2015

Prick Up Your Ears Demo – Johnny Robinson and Zoe Fell

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