Galaxy Raceway Rules

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Galaxy Raceway has some rules and events that is good to know.

General race rules

  • Cars will race in either a qualification race, a tournament or in a challenge.
  • Cars win points for every race completed.
  • All events will be shown live or recorded and uploaded online from December 2018.
  • Races will be either be best of 3 or straight races. Cars that get 2 DNFs (Did not finish) in one race will be investigates and disqualified for the year.


  • A car wins 20 points for each race in a tournament
  • For every round it completes, the car wins 50 points.
  • Every┬átournament a car completes, will win 70 points (Unless stated otherwise)
  • Special event┬átournaments will take place monthly. These are usually themed.
  • A tournament will take place every 1/2 weeks for cars outside of the top 20 on the leader board. These Cars will be picked by a random number generator.
  • Other themed events for certain cars or challenges will take place regularly. These may be for Trucks/pickups, car makes or colour. Challenges may include obstacles such as bridges, tubes or stunts to complete.
  • The top 32 cars will race in an end of year championship.

Qualification – winner stays on.

This happens twice a year. One in January and another in June. This involves 150 cars picked at random by a random number generator. The winner stays on until it loses and wins 10 points for every win. If the final car has not been eliminated by the 150th car, more cars will join in. The car eliminating the final car will gain 100 points.


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