Johnny Robinson’s Portfolio

Poking around wanting to know more eh? Well here you go!

The boy with the tape recorder

I have always been interested in sound in one way or another. From stealing my Dad’s echo machine and DJ equipment whilst he worked, to recording everything onto tape, to teaching my self digital editing, to producing radio imaging and dramas. I am passionate about sound, radio and everything in between.

In 2011 I went to the University of Gloucestershire where I studied radio production. I gained 2:1 in Radio production BA Hons, and I’ve been producing audio regularly in some way since leaving in 2014.

Audio production demo
This demo contains audio made production for tasks, university works, a sample of the Tone Radio imaging which I created, bits from my podcast and sketches.

The demo also featured productions from “Cineworld Sound”, which was a radio station I created for Cineworld Gloucester Quays in 2017. This included jingles and trailers created for the cinema and was played throughout the cinema.

Code Red
Code Red is a radio production I wrote and was joint production lead. every scene was edited either by myself or my colleague. This included sound design and on-location recording. To create the right atmospheres, we used a park for the outdoor scenes, a lecture hall to simulate an abandoned power plant, and a whiteboard with blankets to simulate the inside of a car.

Feature Production
This is a full feature I produced for a show called “It’s Not Rocket Science”. A show format I devised in which 2 regular presenters and a guest face each other and not face a forfeit, set by the show’s main host. The feature is also called “Socially Challenged” which I devised where the main 3 presenters carry out a challenge in which they will win points on one of the tasks. This features the University of Gloucestershire women’s Basketball team.

The Shopping Forecast
The idea for the shopping forecast came during an assignment for University due to a typo. This sparked a moment of creativity which turned into a regular feature on my show and podcast.

Barbra Shields is a character created from my original show on Community Radio in which a former BBC presenter is consigned to a field. She eventually escaped by building an aircraft from vegetables and became a regular character.

Sound Gorillas – podcasts – sketches
The sound gorillas website was created as an outlet for my colleague and I to post podcasts onto along with anything else we thought was appropriate. We had a partnership deal with Audioboom until they were sold to another company. One of the podcasts I presented and produced was a podcast which was originally a show I presented at university. Once university had finished my co-host and I continued the podcast. It was mostly about is being silly and creative really. I hosted the podcast with a friend, and edited the podcast.

Comedy Demo
Here is a collection of some funny bits I have presented and produced.

Presenter Demo
I am currently a presenter on Your FM every weekend for the breakfast show. This includes a lot of talking, producing sketches and features including games.

The lad with the Camcorder
I never put the tape recorder down, however I discovered video as soon as I got my first job. I recorded video and edited it to tape before making Youtube videos, mostly messing around, learning techniques and recording my family. In 2009 i decided to try seriously my hand at Video, and decided to study a National Diploma in Film and TV production at Wiltshire College. I joined a production group based at the college and made a number of short videos.

Show reel
Here are a number of clips of videos I have produced. The most successful was “Planet Chippenham”. I have also used motion graphics. The videos I have been involved with include me producing audio and music, sound design, recording audio and video on-location.

Planet Chippenham
Co-Writer, music, Sound and Camera. Planet Chippenham is filmed as an animal’s perspective of human life. We won an award for Planet Chippenham at the preloader festival hosted by the college, and judged by industry professionals.

Other Achievements:
I recorded the sound for a video called “Sparking The Flame”, a short film for a short film maker named Jesse Nash, which was shows at the London Olympics 2012.
I was involved in various groups producing films as part of college production outfit “Hi-Viz”.
I co-founded community radio station Swindon 105.5 in Swindon back in 2005 when we had our first broadcast. In 2007 we won a full-time license to broadcast.
In 2014 I was nominated for a Student Radio Award for best Chart Show.
I played a key role improving the output at Tone Radio by becoming the Head Of Music and Lead imaging producer. This was not only to make the station sound more professional, but was also to help gain funds with the aim for the station to get a refurbishment, showing the Student’s union it was a valuable society. I also helped the station break away from being a part of the Student’s union which was restrictive, and helped it become a society which gave it more freedom.
I was elected Student media officer in 2012.
I was the founder of University Of Gloucestershire’s Comedy Society “Comsock” and performed various comedy gigs.
Also in 2014 I won a college award for best digital production for Code Red with my colleague judged by industry producers, including a producer from Eastenders, a producer from Steve Wright in the afternoon, and a presenter at BBC Radio 4. With suggestion from these people we were able to play the drama on various community stations around the UK.
In 2015, as a spin off from the “Prick up your ears podcast” I completed a 30 hour marathon podcast called “The Big Podcast” raising money for water charity “Dig Deep”.

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