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Join Johnny every Friday evening for Retro Club Anthems. He has the best music to ever graze the dancefloor, along with a few other tunes along the way. Listen via Tunein Radio (Below the form) on the night or check out some of the other presenters on the station. The show spans from the 80s to the present day, focussing on Dance, R&B, Rock and Pop.

If you’ve got something to say or have any questions, give me a shout and Johnny will get back to you when I can. You can also listen to Your FM below the form, or check out when Johnny’s colleagues are on air.

Please note that if your question is related to the functioning of Your fm, you should contact them on as Johnny is not responsible for the station’s output
If you have any new music you’d like airing for the new music feature, get in touch with the form below leaving your details and the links ub the form below. Alternatively you can email Johnny ( . Unfortunately we will not be able to air all tracks sent to us.

If you are a local business or event and have any information about events you want a shout out for, feel free to use the contact form or send any press releases to
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